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Frequently asked questions

  1. A friend of mine gifted me a Thoppia gift card. But I’m not sure how can I use it.

    To use your gift card, apply your Gift Card Code at the coupon code column before proceeding to checkout. Your card can be redeemed against any purchase on

  2. Can I return a gift card?

    We will not be able to perform cancellations and refunds after you have placed the order for a gift card.

  3. How do I check the available balance on my Gift Card?

    To check Gift Card balance, go to your My Coupons page and enter your 6 digits coupon code and 4 digit pin (Can be found in the email).

  4. Does Thoppia gift cards expire?

    Thoppia gift card expires in 12 months from the date of issue.

  5. What does the recipient receive when I send a Gift Card?

    On the date of your purchase, an email is sent to the recipient informing him/her of your gift. The email contains card details such as the 10 digit code, sender name, personal message, instructions about the gift card.

  6. How many Gift Cards can be used in one transaction?

    If you have received a Gift Card, you are eligible to use only one Gift Card in one transaction.