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Our Story

Established in 1998, Thoppia is derived from 'Thoppian' which basically is a name of the traditional weavers family from Kannur.

Thoppia at its core is a team of dedicated weavers from Kannur, rightly known as the Land of Looms and lores. Just as though the descendants are genetically predisposed to art and attention to detail, Fabric that the master weavers of this blessed land create never failed to amaze people who value world class craftsmanship.

Trade relations in home furnishings from ports across the globe since time immemorial stands testimony to the simple fact that Kannur is indeed the land of master weavers. We at Thoppia are proud that our legacy stems from this fertile know-how of transforming cotton into the finest fabric known to man. Our team of master weavers work in synergy with both traditional and modern techniques to churn out the best furnishing that your home truly deserves. Our commitment to quality isnʼt just an industry buzz-word play, it is ingrained into the very fabric of our existence. Mentored by our founding figure and weaver extraordinaire , Kunhikkannan Thoppian who was instrumental in building Thoppia's culture. Our obsession with quality has stood the test of time since our inception in the early 1900ʼs.

Weaving Kaithari Cactus Throws at the loom Weaving Kaithari Cactus Throws at the loom
Dyed Hank yarn being dried before it goes on to the Handloom Dyed Hank yarn being dried before it goes on to the Handloom

Fabric that comes out of our looms are tested for international standards by our in-house quality control and Bureau Veritas. We procure the best contamination- free combed cotton from the best sources in the country and is UV cleaned and enzyme washed for reduced fibers and a smooth finish. Our fabric is vat dyed for consistent coloring. So feel free to mix it with other garments. Weʼre pretty sure it wonʼt run. Our twill woven fabric is engineered for better wrinkle recovery, so that your living space looks crisp and classy like Bond in a tux.

We care so much about cotton and because wasting it tickles our OCD bone, we are active endorsers of DIY culture. Each home is different and deserves a unique character and a personal touch. We want you to be the creator of your own space and to that end, our customisation options are quite vast. So, choose a fabric that fits your mood and unleash the DIY wizard inside you. The environment and our artisans will thank you for it.